My Final "Public" Post

By now, I think almost everyone is familiar with AI and how companies have been racing to incorporate it into just about everything. I haven't really taken a stance on it one way or another, up to this point.

Basically, although I believe there are opportunities and benefits to the use of AI, I believe they are severely outweighed by the risks, dangers, and potential for abuse.

However, that's a topic for another post. The reason for this particular post is due to an article by Gizmodo that I came across earlier this morning.

Google has recently updated their privacy policy, essentially stating that any public information online is fair game for their AI Products.

This fact that they're doing this isn't really a surprise - it is publicly available after all, and Microsoft / OpenAI has already done this with GitHub.

My issue isn't with who's accessing what I've posted, but how it's being used. Any time I've made a blog post, video, public repository, or any other kind of content, it has been to share my views, knowledge, or experience with other individuals and hope that it a) sparks a conversation, or b) helps in some way.

I do not consent to having it used by companies to build their AI models or AI-related products.

Going forward, all of my posts, repositories, and any other content will be locked behind a membership or login. Of course, there's no cost to creating an account, but I understand that it's a hassle to sign up for something that should be freely available.

I apologize for that, and hope you understand.

Kevin Williams

Springfield, Missouri

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